DANI SANTOZ is part of a range of revelation artists in the Cape Verdean music scene.

Born on Sal Island, in the Cape Verde Islands, on August 17, 1983.

Fascination with drums, emerged from an early age as the great passion of the artist.

Soon after arises interest in the guitar where he risks creating his own compositions.

The musician writes and interprets traditional Cape Verdean music with a modern mix.

DANI living a season in the United States in 2000 began to feel various inspirations, based on homesickness, family and friends, and from that date would open the way for his current success in Cape Verdean traditional music.

In 2005/2006 Dani still had the opportunity to do a drums and percussion formation in Brazil-Rio De Janeiro at MARACATU BRASIL.

Coladeira, Batuco, Funana, Salsa, Morna and Bossa Nova are the styles Dani inspires to create his WORLDMUSIC fusion.

The artistic career of the musician had a great influence of many Cape Verdean artists, especially from the Cape Verde Diva and World renowned Grammy Award singer Cesária Evora. After maturing, Dani Santoz came to know artists like ED MOTTA, RAUL MIDON, DJAVAN, STING that would change his life and still inspire him.

DANI has published 3 CDs and 3 Singles. "Nha Alma Já Revela" is Dani Santoz's debut album, released in April 2007. The second album in 2011 "Bom Sinal" and the third album "VIVA IRMAOS" featuring the duet with Cuban singer HAILA.